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Namaste and welcome.

You can call me Mary.

I have been around the sun fifty-six times. I attended public, private and parochial schools in Connecticut, and hold a BS in Special Education/Child Study from Saint Joseph College in West Hartford.
When my life took a few unexpected turns in the mid 1980s, my response was to return to Saint Joseph College (now the University of Saint Joseph 
http://www.usj.edu ) where I earned a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry, granting credentials to my path of compassion and healing. 

I have observed the human condition as a long-term volunteer in a hospital for the chronically ill; a housekeeper in a nursing home; an office assistant at a college; in the produce department of a grocery store; as a substitute teacher; as an antique dealer; during twenty-nine years as a special education teacher; over thirty years as an intuitive psychic and medium; and my whole life as a compulsive artist.

Raised in an Italian-American Catholic family, I have long since parted company with Rome. I am both a recovered Catholic and recovered teacher. However, when I left the church, I took my beloved saints and angels with me. They continue to love and guide me.

So many of us live outside a faith community, yet still have spiritual needs that frequently go unmet, particularly during times of life transitions.
 This is where I see my place in it all. I used to call us the un-churched, but now I call us free.

We Earthlings are so very busy taking in information from our five senses; measuring it, comparing it; interpreting it, mis-interpreting it, that we tend to ignore or not even know about our more subtle senses.  Not only do we all have the five physical senses, we have the same seven energy centers, the same other-dimensional-ness and the same opportunity to tune in to our more subtle senses for information and inspiration. Nothing that I do as a medium or intuitive or psychic (or whatever term you use) is anything that I cannot teach you.  In five minutes you can learn where your chakrahs are, and feel the energy that makes up your aura.  It is as easy as switching from FM to AM...it has always been there, but you may not have tuned in yet. 

The people whom I have loved and the experiences I have had have brought me not just profound love, but deep grief and tremendous insight, often at the same time. If I wrote it all out and published it, I swear it would be shelved with Fiction as so many, even myself at times, have difficulty believing that all of it is true.  If you pay attention, if you see things as they truly are or as they truly, TRULY can be, you will be able to write your own book of miracles, too. Open yourself to the love and abundance of the Cosmos, and you have no limits.

After my latest series of unexpected turns, I am grateful it is time for me to use, in earnest, the gifts I have been given. I am a medium, artist, writer, teacher, healer, storyteller and Light Worker. I am an Earthling, just like you. 

My children used to call me the Angel of Death because so many of my loved ones are in spirit. I have come to believe that the physical loss of so many has, in many ways, given me the unique perspective I can now share.

The Find Me section will show you how to contact me or access my local offerings in the spiritual, metaphysical and wholistic realms. 

The etsy store link will take you to my sweet little cyber shop. Please shop generously. 

As I develop this site, I will share words and images, resources and information that have helped me find my way.  My hope is that they will help you find your way as well. 

Please remember, you do not HAVE a soul, you ARE a soul.