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While many paintings are available for sale in my etsy shop

see sections some paintings & embellished paintings .

there are some with which I cannot part:


This is Bogdan's Gift, a 4x6 image that saved my life.

There are some I would be happy to sell, but are not yet available via etsy.  Contact me for dimensions and details. 

The first image is a Sanscrit verse: Everything is light; everything is God. 

I like how the dogs head moves in the second image...view each point as the dog's nose by turns..see what I mean? Didn't see that myself until after it was framed.

The third is Scorpio Moon...you astrologers know what that means.

Lily of the Giant Valley is one of my favorite embellished canvas works, with lace, embroidery and beadwork.  

Indivisible was one response to the September 11th attacks. The word Indivisible is arranged to form two towers  The verse reads: There may be fires in our sky, but when we gather and we pray we know that Allah wept with Jesus and with Buddha on that day. 



Others are original art, but owned by other people



or organizations
Such is the case with the birdhouses I painted for the Spring 2012 Home Sweet Home Gala to benefit Tabor House, a Hartford residence for men living with hiv/AIDS. These little houses were part of a silent auction. The one with the violin was an award for a dedicated volunteer who was being honored at the Gala.The first two, images of Tabor House I and Tabor House II were meant as gifts for the directors of each house, but someone swiped Tabor House II! Appalled as I was, having had work stolen before, I like to consider it a compliment of sorts. At least the thief was considerate enough to leave the ones that benefitted the houses.  

From January through May I served as assistant to the Chaplain of Tabor House, practicum experience for my 1994 MA in Pastoral Ministry.

What a miracle to find, upon my twenty-fist century return, that Tabour House no longer serves as a hospice; but as a transitional residence where residents practice healthy living skills, attend local classes and work toward moving out to independent living.   

Wait! I wrote that last paragraph a couple years ago. This is 2019.  

Tabor House has since closed its doors. As the dire need for Hospice care has subsided (AIDS is now considered a chronic but medically -manageable ailment) and government grants have evaporated, the decision was made to close Tabor House once the current residents had moved on to permanent homes.  




and our banner:  I was halfway from the crayons to the sketch book when it hit me what it would look like.

Forty hand-sewing hours later, Sr. Gertrude had a banner for National AIDS Awareness Day Convention.  

Their theme: A Cure is Within Reach   The pattered silk came from the shirt collection of the late great Christopher X. Gagnon 


Most Recently, yours truly, MUFFIN TIN MURALS, helped perk up the powder room at

Windsor 75 Diner:   (photo coming soon)

Mary Lazzaro-Bach,
Feb 12, 2019, 6:53 PM