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... you are interested in a having a reading, 

you can contact me by telephone in CT, or at one of the e-mail addresses below to schedule a private reading. Before a reading, I ask your guides to provide insight, comfort or messages as appropriate. During your reading, I draw images and beings that present themselves. After your reading, your signed drawing goes home with you. I highly encourage you to do some coloring at home. 

Payment in American dollars is preferred, cash is happily accepted. Bartering is also gladly considered.

If we work via Skype or telephone, I can provide your drawing in digital and/or paper formats. I accept payment via Pay Pal; use the e-mail address mjjrosebuds@hotmail.com.  

$45.00  half hour

$75.00  one hour


I join Marion Porter of Starwinds ( http://www.starwindshealing.com) for her cable show Time for Healing here:


Patrice Gilder (http://readingsbypatrice.com), founder of the Golden Helix Guild interviewed me here:


If you have read this far, I thank you. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mary Lazzaro-Bach

(860) 257-3295